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Graphic novel

„Our Friend Satan” tells a rip roaring story about Satan in the middle of his midlife crisis. He spends his nights strolling around Hell in a bathrobe and drowns his sorrows in Cthulhu Vodka. He'd love to be evil like in the old days, but he has serious troubles meeting the expectations of modern people - he’s simply not bad enough for them. When even his eager allies - Satanists - turn their backs on him, he decides to deal with this once and for all. Curious what happens next? We already illustrated big part of the story and you can read it by clicking below!

We're also making a movie!

The project actually started as a movie. But even a small film production consumes a significant amount of money – gear rental, special effects, set design, wages, catering and a lot more. And we were completely broke. So we decided to do a graphic novel first, to show you the world, characters, and humour of "Our Friend Satan". If you like our project - help us by supporting it. After the graphic novel is finished, then the movie is coming next, and, if we manage to gather funds and make it, it'll kick some major ass. Meanwhile - spread the word, like us on Facebook, and support our Kickstarter for the graphic novel!

Graphic novel

  • How can I donate?

    For those of you who have credit cards - our Kickstarter campaign starts on 5th of August, 20:00 (GMT +2). For those who doesn't have a credit card - no problem - we'll start gathering donations through our website. You can also like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

  • How many pages will the graphic novel have?

    We plan the story to spread on around 80 pages, but the exact number will be revealed in couple weeks.

  • When the graphic novel will be finished?

    If we'll gather required funds on Kickstarter, then the works will be finished in may 2016.

  • In what languages the graphic novel will be available?

    On this moment we have English and Polish version of the script, and we're looking for a Spanish translator.

  • How the money from Kickstarter will be used?

    To draw the rest of the graphic novel we need at least 6 months of work for 2 artists. You can imagine, that this amount of work needs to be supported financially, or we would quickly go bankrupt. The funds from Kickstarter will help us survive and pay our bills till we finish the work!

  • How will the graphic novel be distributed?

    For those who will support us on Kickstarter - one of the rewards would be the finished graphic novel shipped to your homes. For all the rest - we already have secured a distribution deal for Poland, but we're still looking for publishers in other countries. Our goal is to be published in USA and UK.


  • Will it be an animated, or a live action film?

    Hopefully, live action. We use drawings in the promotion of our film because we have such an awesome illustrators in our team, and the main cast haven’t been selected yet. But there's also an idea to turn it into animated series. We'll see.

  • How long will be the film?

    At this moment our target is 30 minutes.

  • When will you finish the film?

    It's too early to say - first we want to deal with the graphic novel.

  • How big is the budget?

    Even a small film production is a serious investment. There’s a lot of costs – gear rental, special effects, set design, wages, catering and more. The budget will not be a small amount, but we don’t want to take shortcuts – if we’ll gather enough funds, we can guarantee that the film will kick some serious a$$!

  • Can I play in your film?

    Sure, you can become an extra if you just support us in the upcoming Kickstarter. More on that soon!

  • Can I be your co-producer or a sponsor?

    Yes! If only you’ll support our crusade with a big donation or its equivalent. Please get in touch with us and we’ll fill you with all the information.

Graphic novel

  • Dominik L. Marzec

    Dominik L. Marzec

    author, art director, producer

  • Lukas Lalko

    Lukas Lalko

    color, ink, special effects

  • Michael Murawski

    Michael Murawski

    ink, pencil


  • Dominik L. Marzec

    Dominik L. Marzec

    director, screenwriter, producer

  • Tomek Ziolkowski

    Tomek Ziolkowski


  • Kasia Golaszewska

    Kasia Golaszewska


  • Irek Grzyb

    Irek Grzyb


  • Michael barylski

    Michael Barylski

    assistant, promotional videos

  • Magda Tarka

    Magda Tarka

    FX and make-up

  • Krzysztof A. Janczak

    Krzysztof A. Janczak

    music composer

  • Jakub Romanowicz

    Jakub Romanowicz

    CGI, storyboard

  • Marta Sidoruk

    Marta Sidoruk


  • Lukas Lalko

    Lukas Lalko

    concept art

  • Michael Murawski

    Michael Murawski

    concept art

  • Przemek Jedrzejczyk

    Przemek Jedrzejczyk

    miniatures, concept arts

  • Lidia Koncewicz

    Lidia Koncewicz


  • Piotr Salkowski

    Piotr Salkowski

    web developer

  • Michael Salawa

    Michael Salawa

    web developer

  • Mateusz Tajsich

    Mateusz Tajsich

    grammar nazi, graphic help

  • Pawel Justyna

    Pawel Justyna

    graphic help

  • Izabela Julke

    Izabela Julke

    screenplay translator

  • Sarah Plucinska

    Sarah Plucinska

    evil biddings

  • Quy Tien

    Quy Tien


  • Marcel Wozniak

    Marcel Wozniak


  • Magda Bryk

    Magda Bryk

    good advice

  • Paulina Zelazko

    Paulina Zelazko


  • Justyna & Tytus Marzec

    Justyna & Tytus Marzec

    moral support

  • Trombocyt Marzec

    Trombocyt Marzec

    black fur(y)

  • Hiro Marzec

    Hiro Marzec

    insect control

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